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Merdock is an extension to your marketing and sales departments. We offer you support when you need it to meet your marketing and business development objectives. We follow emerging cultural, technology and design trends that shape business and translate that knowledge into campaigns to promote our clients’ innovative products and services.

We typically work with clients that are pioneering in bioscience, technology, manufacturing and food. We support them in the creation of corporate marketing communications, product package design, conferences and events, business models and business development technology integration.

Merdock is tapped into a virtual network of colleagues that are trend researchers, designers and technology developers that provide a networked knowledge and resource.

Vivian Beer, Owner/President, Merdock

Vivian has worked in international business development, marketing communications, design and market research for over 15 years assisting companies to expand into foreign markets.

She has attended workshops in New York with Grant McCracken on pattern recognition of emerging trends affecting the culture of business, conferences sponsored by PSFK and continues to be introduced to innovations in communications, design and technology. She is a member of Grant’s Chief Culture Officer network.

She is a daily reader of emerging technology and design ideas and enjoys integrating software for marketing/business development applications on behalf of her clients.

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